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Sour Cabbage Heads

Sour cabbage is a full head of cabbage, core removed, that has been fermented in a salt brine. It is a traditional Eastern European food, commonly used to make cabbage rolls. Cabbage rolls are an important food for family celebrations, Christmas and Easter.



Sauerkraut is made of shredded cabbage, mixed with salt. The salt helps draw out the natural juices of the cabbage, creating a brine in which the cabbage ferments. It is a traditional food from Germany and much of Europe, commonly eaten with meats, especially pork, to aid with digestion.

our process


Plants are seeded in the greenhouse every two weeks from the middle of March until the beginning of June.


After 5 weeks being in the greenhouse the plants are moved in to the fields. We start transplanting 1st of May and are usually done at the beginning of July.


It takes about 11 or 12 weeks for the plants to fully mature. The harvest begins with summer cabbage (early) and then transitions to winter cabbage (later).


Harvest starts at the beginning of July and we usually finish in the middle of November.


Processing happens as the cabbage is harvested, however we store some cabbage for later processing up to late December to make sure we have a constant supply throughout the whole year.


Our products are vacuum sealed. Cabbage heads are sold in 12kg boxes and sauerkraut in either 500g or 1kg bags or in 16L pail.

Food Safety

St. Jacobs Foods Inc. is very proud to announce that we are SQF certified as of November 2017. As a food manufacturer we are committed to the highest food safety standards and that is why we went above and beyond any government standards to assure customers that food safety and their satisfaction is our top priority.

What is SQF ?SQF stands for Safe Quality Food and it is accreditation recognized by retailers, food service providers and regulatory agencies around the world. This accreditation assures consumers that their food is produced, processed and handled according to the highest standards. In order to be certified, a company must build a food safety management system which is based on HACCP system ( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). To maintain certification St. Jacobs Foods Inc.  will be audited on yearly basis by a third party auditor.

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