About Us

When it all began…

In 1994 Richard and Cheri Good purchased St. Jacobs foods and moved it to their vegetable farm in New Hamburg, Ontario. The business had been started a number of years earlier in the village of St. Jacobs, Ontario. The production of naturally fermented sour cabbage and sauerkraut was a good fit with the existing vegetable production on the Good family farm.

Cabbage is grown, processed, and packaged before ever leaving the farm. Sour cabbage and sauerkraut are fermented in the traditional way, using only raw cabbage, salt and water. NO pasteurization or any additives are used!

In 2015, a share of St. Jacobs Foods was bought by Eva Jakubcova and her husband Tim Wagler with intention of gradually buying the business. Eva had worked for St. Jacobs Foods since she moved to Canada in August 2008.

St. Jacobs Foods is a wholesale business. If you wish to purchase our products please see our list of retailers for a location near you.

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